At Brutus building world class award winning custom electric motorcycles is a way of life for us. From our patented gearbox to the Pikes Peak winning race bike the innovative truss framed Brutus 2 and even more so the Brutus V9 our products disrupt and redefine the trends and standards in the electric motorcycle industry.

Our Brutus Chariot is a new competitor to the personal mobility and utility market and sure to be another winning design and platform. With a triangulated truss frame and fully adjustable front and rear suspension the Chariot feels at home on city streets or the local mountain bike trails. The Chariot boasts excellent power and range plus unparalleled stability at any speed and any terrain.

A massive 29 inch custom magnesium alloy front wheel and over 6 inches of ground clearance will let you stand out in a crowd and give you an amazing overview of your surroundings. The Chariot will be an instant hit as a Law Enforcement and Security tool or super maneuverable grocery getter and errand runner.

Seat kits, full lighting, and saddle bags are only a few of the options available along with custom deck graphics to give your Chariot a personal touch. One test ride will confirm you need a Brutus Chariot in your life, get in touch and get your ride on today!

MSRP $4,438(Base Model)

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To provide the best experience possible, specs may change.

30mph top speed
Over 20 miles of hard riding range
Powerful 1.5hp motor
300lbs Rider+Gear weight capacity
Large 12”WX24”L deck
Fully adjustable front and rear suspension
Extra large light weight magnesium/aluminum alloy wheels (29”X2”front 20”X4”rear)
59.5” Wheelbase
Only 85lb RTR
Excellent rough terrain stability
4hr charge time empty to full
Built to accommodate riders 5’4” to 6’6”
What You Get
Ready To Run complete Chariot scooter
Portable 120v standard outlet plug charger for Chariot scooter
Removable front handlebar mount waterproof basket
Quick release lightweight seat kit
Hard mount Composite Saddle Bags with integrated rear fender for extra storage
Soft removable water resistant saddle bags for extra storage
Composite rear fender kit
Handlebar mount phone holder
12vdc accessory/USB port on board charge kit
GPS antitheft tracking kit
LED light kit (color options available)
Removable rechargeable 12vdc lighting and accessory battery
12vdc charger with 120v standard outlet plug
Advantages for Law Enforcement & Security
Response time cut in half compared to E-bike
Getting on and off with a duty belt is easier
Excellent high and low speed stability
Great crowd and pedestrian overview while riding

We recommend wearing a DOT or equivalent helmet when riding a Chariot.

Your Chariot Awaits… Get your ride on!

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Contact us to add your name to our pre-order list for one of 300 OG Black & Copper limited edition Chariots. Delivery starts August 2020.